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Consent Workshop by S.O.U.L.

S.O.U.L is a Vienna-based non-profit association for social openness and loving society. Since 2018, we organize sexpositive events, where the practice of consent is crucial to manifest a harmonic togetherness.

In our basic workshop, we will introduce you to the concept of consent and how we define it. Moreover, we will briefly illustrate where consent plays a role outside of the sexual context.

The main part of the workshop is the exercises to put the idea of consent into practice. The aim is to improve awareness and to get practice in saying “NO” (and “Yes”) via different methods in bigger groups, as well as in pairs.

Besides theory and exercises, we will enforce reflection to enable the participants to explore their own boundaries. Reflection is a fitting tool to internalize and to integrate consent into every-day life.

At the end, we will give you a quick overview on our strategies on how to create a safe space and to culture consent on our events.


Class Information

 Open: October 13, 2022
 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Class Trainer